Smart sorting for a
sustainable future:

Join the Battery Recycling
Revolution with SmartSort.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horzizon Europe programme under grant agreement No 190121771
SmartSort provides the technology for efficient, precise and safe battery sorting, redefining the recycling process and empowering facilities to meet and exceed growing environmental and regulatory demands.

The traditional methods of battery recycling are not only inefficient but fraught with significant hazards that pose threats to health, safety, and compliance.

Significant hazards that pose threat:

Potential Fires
Health Threats
Financial Consequences
Potential Fires
Batteries sorted incorrectly, particularly lithium-ion cells, can be damaged or short-circuited, leading to thermal events that can cause severe fires.
Health Threats
Inadequate handling and sorting of batteries can lead to direct exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals, posing serious long-term health risks to workers.
The financial ramifications of inefficient battery sorting are significant:
Recyclers face the loss of valuable materials that are not correctly recovered, directly impacting their revenue.
Additional logistical and downstream processing fees to process material incorrectly sorted and sent to the wrong smelter.
The cost of addressing the aftermath of sorting errors, such as fires and health hazards, can be significant, not to mention the potential for increased insurance premiums.

How does it work?

The pre-sorting process efficiently prepares mixed battery inputs, segregating unwanted materials and correctly sizing batteries.

Contaminant Removal

Eliminates oversized batteries, foreign objects, dust, and other extraneous materials that can impede the recycling process.

Precise Preparation

Ensures that only the right-sized batteries—AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V—proceed to the SmartSort.

Volume Handling

Tackles 3 tonnes of mixed batteries per hour! 

Safety & Efficiency

Removes items that could cause jams or damage the SmartSort, streamlining the sorting process and enhancing the overall safety of the operation.

SmartSort takes over with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

The integration of SmartSort not only streamlines operations but also bolsters safety, environmental sustainability, and compliance adherence. We can help you meet the challenges of modern battery recycling head-on, for a more sustainable future. Transform your battery recycling process today!

AI-Driven Optical Recognition

Capable of recognising over 3,000 battery labels with the ability to sort batteries by chemistry with an astounding 99% accuracy rate. 

Speed & Efficiency

Sorts 12 batteries per second equating to 6 tonnes of batteries sorted over one 8 hour shift.


Identifies each battery by manufacturer, size, weight, and chemistry, creating detailed reports that can assist compliance schemes and recyclers in optimising their operations.

Self Learning

Unrecognised or new batteries on the market are separated and scanned, with their details uploaded to the system for future recognition.