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FPD Recycling – Green Bond

8% fixed return each year

in a Sustainable Investment that works for you and our planet

CleanTech Investment Opportunity 2022

After successfully completing the Seed Funding round of €5m that enabled us to build a team and put the first machines on the market, FPD Recycling® is now looking for additional investment of €10m to enter the next phase of development. We are seeking to raise €6 million through our Green Bond in 2022.

Our technology is developed, proven in the market and ready to scale globally.

Great responsible investment opportunity!


Minimum investment


Annual ROI

5 Years

Anticipated term


Target raise

About FPD Recycling®

FPD Recycling® has developed a unique automated system (FPD PRO®), capable of disassembling flat panel displays – TVs, computer monitors and laptops – enabling efficient and cost effective recovery of the valuable fractions, while also eliminating the risk associated with toxic components in electronics.


‘Should the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles’ – United Nations. 

The global e-waste management market is expected to reach €100 billion by 2030 with c.600 million new FPDs being sold globally on an annual basis (240 million of which are sold in the US and Europe). 6.7 million tonnes of screen and monitor waste is generated every year and only small fraction of materials is recovered from it, leading to material waste and environmental issues.

Current e-waste treatment and recycling methods (i.e. manual disassembly, shredding, landfilling) are inefficient, not economical and pose health and environmental risk, as electronics contain toxic materials. The recycling industry is in need of innovative solutions to tackle the volume of the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

Innovation for sustainability

FPD Recycling® brings a long-waited innovation to the recycling industry, offering the first solution that is affordable, safe and profitable to the recyclers. 

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics are identified as a future of the recycling industry, greatly improving safety and efficiency of the recovery of secondary raw materials and parts for repair. 

FPD PRO® tackles other important recycling issues such as:

About FPD PRO®

Proven Solution

We currently have three machines installed, four machines in build – on which terms have been agreed and are expected to be deployed by Q1 2023. We plan to have a further six machines in build in Q1 2023.

Our solution allows safe recovery of high quality materials, including but not limited to:

fractions 3



The team of second time founders with deep technical knowledge has significant global experience in building engineering teams, waste, e-recycling complex automation, software engineering and finance. team 1024x284 1Read more about the team here.  

Product Roadmap

We are actively exploring and developing other products and technologies that will add value to recyclers:roadmap  

Your Impact

Your investment will help us deploy more machines and advance our technology – which will turn to significant environmental, social and economic impact and advancement of the circular economy.


FPD PRO in container 2

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Green Bond

Our Green Bond Offer

What is it?

An investment in the Bond is effectively the granting of a loan by each investor to a Special Purpose Vehicle company (SPV): Peregrine Technologies (Alpha) Limited (the company) to build an expected 10 new FPD PRO® machines (the actual number of new machines built may be more or less than 10 depending on the amount of investor monies raised). This SPV company has been set up for the purpose of segregating the new FPD PRO® machines and the recycling income generated by these machines from the other activates of FPD Recycling®.

The Bond is in the form of Senior Secured Loan Notes. The Bond is secured by putting in place a fixed and floating charge on the assets and income of the company. The security is held by an independent 3rd party professional Security Trustee Company (City Trust Trustees (Ireland) Limited) on behalf of the Bond investors (see Section 7 below).

Why Invest?

1. Simple investment in an innovative Irish cleantech business to facilitate the building, installation and commissioning of an expected 10 new FPD PRO® machines while earning a Fixed Return of 8% each year.

2. A true Impact Investment in a company that reduces waste by enabling the recycling of flat panel display screens more efficiently i.e. promoting Sustainability and the Circular Economy.

3. Portfolio Diversification: An investment in a genuine Alternative Asset Class.

4. The Bond is in the form of a Senior Secured Loan Note. Investors have the first and only legal charge over the company’s assets and income from recycling activities.

5. The Bond’s security process benefits from oversight by an Independent Security Trustee (City Trust Trustees (Ireland) Limited).

Alternative Investments

Alternative Asset Classes are not necessarily correlated with the financial markets or with traditional asset classes like stock markets, bonds, cash etc. In periods where traditional asset classes are volatile or are falling, Alternative Asset Classes provide vital real diversification as they do not necessarily move in the same direction and therefore, have the potential to preserve investor wealth as a result.

Alternative investments are supplemental strategies to traditional long-only positions in stocks, bonds, and cash. Alternative investments include investments in six main categories: hedge funds, private capital (as in the case of this Bond), natural resources (commodities), real estate, liquid alternatives (currencies and interest rates) and infrastructure.

Key Features

Green Bond Key Features

Basic Information

Name: FPD Recycling Green Bond (in the form of Senior Secured Loan Notes)

Minimum Investment Amount: €50,000

Loan Note Issuer: Special Purpose Vehicle company: Peregrine Technologies (Alpha) Limited

Security: The assets (an expected 10 new FPD PRO® machines) and the bank account(s) of the company: Peregrine Technologies (Alpha) Limited (income from recycling activities)

Independent Security Trustee holding the security on behalf of the investors initially and for the duration of the anticipated 5 year term: City Trust Trustees (Ireland) Limited

Facts & Figures

Loan Note Fixed Return: 8% per annum (payable at the end of year 1 and quarterly thereafter)

Expected Term: 5 years (the company has the option to repay investors early after 3 years or 4 years with a 4% or 2% bonus return payment respectively)

Anticipated Loan Note Amount: €6,000,000

Projected Income of the company over the expected 5 year investment term from recycling activities: €10,250,520.00

Capital Repayment Service Ratio: 121% (Projected Cash Balance at the end of anticipated 5 year term to repay investors: €7,240,520)

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Green Bond

Before investing seek professional financial and tax advise.

Warning: Nothing presented in this document constitutes investment advice as it does not take into account the investment objectives, knowledge and experience or financial situation of any person. You should not act on it in any way and are advised to obtain professional advice suitable to your own individual circumstances. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. You may lose some or all of the money you invest. Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance, neither should simulated performance. The value of securities may be subject to exchange rate fluctuation that may have a positive or adverse effect on the price or income of such securities.