Will You be Ready for the Likely Surge in E-Scrap Including Flat Panel Displays?

As with all businesses e-scrap recyclers have been severely affected with the pandemic of COVID-19 with some markets stating up to an 80% drop on in bound volumes of material for processing, others have closed entirely for an unknown period.
With the financial crisis of 2008 the recycling market proved to be resilient despite raw material prices falling or end markets for certain raw materials drying up. At FPD Recycling we are confident our industry is strong and will return with a likely surge in material for processing, Why?

Sporting events in 2020 have been postponed globally, Tokyo Olympics, English Premiership football/soccer, Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, American Football, International Golf events the list continues of postponed sporting events. These tournaments have been rescheduled to later this year or in most cases 2021, this will likely show an uplift in the purchase of new televisions with a surge of old screens requiring processing.

As the lock down and stay at home orders since March 2020 have been enforced, internet sales have surged including those of flat panel displays as families stay at home but are unable to dispose of their old flat panel display having to store the old unit until the stay at home ban ends allowing for disposal.

New words and meanings, furlough, zero capital down and subscription processing…
The pandemic has brought new words into all businesses and homes over the last few months, furloughing of employees has become a new term that most people are now aware of but are unlikely to have come across before the pandemic.

Likewise at FPD Recycling our FPD Pro automated flat panel recycling equipment uses terms often not heard of before in our industry.
• Zero capital down – no money to outlay for new equipment
• Pay per display processed – Subscription based model similar to Netflix
• Robots and machine learning
• Maintenance and support included

Our automated flat panel display equipment for televisions and monitors processes in excess of 60 screens per hour, records weights, manufacturers, model numbers and requires only one operator to process screens. 11” to 70” screens can be processed irrespective of their type CFL, LED or OLED and keeps materials whole to enable parts harvesting or the maximum commercial return for raw materials without further sortation equipment required.
Whilst we all have time to clear out old inventories, carry out maintenance and housekeeping why not also work with us over the next few weeks and months before normal business and life resumes with looking at how our FPD Pro can benefit your business when our industry along with others returns to normal.

We have models for all markets that we can share with you on the savings an FPD Pro could bring to your business along with automating the processing for the likely surge in flat panel displays, and without any capital outlay to your business and a subscription based model.
Contact FPD Recycling at sales@pthltd.com, Europe on +353 (87) 8355178 or US/Canada on +1 323 580 6272 to discuss how a FPD Pro can safe your company money along with automation.

Stay safe, stay at home, remain positive and plan for the return of business.


Your FPD team

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